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2009-11-11 22:13:56 by Klomo222

hay everyone, rate my art! wanna see what you think, also i post in the fourms alot. if you wanna post on the same page as me, tell me and ill tell you wat i posted under, c ya!


sad face

2009-11-09 19:39:18 by Klomo222

<div align="center" style="width: 480px; height: 370px"><object width="480" height="370" style="float: left;"><param name="movie" value="http://playcrafter.s3.amazonaws .com/production/standalone/EmbeddableL oader.swf?gameID=157142"></param><embe d src="http://playcrafter.s3.amazonaws.c om/production/standalone/EmbeddableLoa der.swf?gameID=157142" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="480" height="370" style="float: left;"></embed></object><p>Make games</div>

this is the code to the game that i cant upload, im not paying to do so.


2009-11-08 20:32:14 by Klomo222

im currently working on my first game (dont be hatin) it will be a good game, but it is a golf game. im making it to get the hang of game making then im going to make better games with my knoledge. i thing my next one is going to be an adventure game about a little kid the needs to get something, mabey icecream, idk C YA!


2009-11-08 10:23:05 by Klomo222

ive just stared my Newgrounds fiesta and im loving it. but can anyone help me on how to go and find what games have badges? alittle confused on that.